Will the prescription interact with your other medicines?

Our pharmacist checks every time. You don’t even have to ask.

Are you asthmatic, have high/low blood pressure, a kidney or heart condition or other?

Our pharmacist checks every time and/or refers to your file with us. You don’t even have to ask, it is routine for us.

Could you forget your refill?

We will send you a friendly reminder when it’s time to refill.

You cannot come to the pharmacy?

Call us, our pharmacist will counsel you over the phone and open your file with us. You can also send your prescription by WhatsApp to us on this number……

Is the dosage right for you? Could you be allergic to it?

Our pharmacist will make sure.

Is anyone giving you information about your medication?

Our pharmacist cares about you and answers all your questions.

You need help administering the medication?

We are here to help you

doctor giving   a prescription