We are a compounding pharmacy, trusted by doctors and patients alike to deliver the best prescription compounding.

We have vast experience in many types of prescription compounding and currently emphasize such fields as:

  • Dermatology – ointments and creams
  • Ophthalmology – eye drops
  • Chest – syrups
  • Pediatrics – syrups – flavoring kids’ medicine

We are known for our outstanding customer service and try to help patients meet their prescription needs in whichever way that we can.


Compounding is the art of combining two pre-made prescription medications or creams or creating new ones. Our lab technicians are very skilled and ensure the right consistency and dosage in every compound they create. We only use approved medications in their purest form and create new dosage forms with an order from a physician. The integrity of the dosage, ingredients and package sanitation is crucial of us.