About Us

Alex Pharmacies is a trusted compounding lab for several medical practitioners and doctors in Alexandria. To us compounding is important to ensure we cover all medicinal needs under one roof.

Our business is about relief, alleviating pain and taking care of your health. Our team has its heart in the right place. Each pharmacist and assistant is hired based on qualification, professionalism and mostly for their genuine wish to help improve people’s health.


GM and founder Dr. Azza Mahfouz, a pharmacist herself of over 40 years experience, had the same heart desire when founding Alex Pharmacies. Alex Pharmacies mission is to be the personal family care pharmacy in its community. Alex Pharmacies is not a commercial store; our aim is to bring back pharmaceutical care from the business world to a place where health care and wellness are top concern.

Counseling and advice are our edge. Our people are trained to listen and to counsel our patients. For that reason we are one of the first pharmacies to implement a patient relationship management program designed to keep record of our patients’ medical and medicine history. This program helps us know and ensure the medicines you take do not interact with each other or aggravate a health condition you might have. For example, if you have a heart condition, low or high blood pressure we will be able to advice for or against certain medicines to better suit your condition.


3 pharmacies located in Al Saraya and Zezinia in Alexandria. 
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